Year 4 Students

School Year 2019·2020

Lockdown Suggestions

A Story about FISH (READ along)

A Song about SEA creatures

A list of Dangerous SEA creatures.

A short documentary. CAN FISH TALK????

Favourite TV programs
Many of you like this program. But DO you WATCH it in ENGLISH?

Singing and Dancing

I will Survive Choreography

I will Survive 'Karaoke'

We can sing this to the virus Covid-19!

  Remember this one?


Dancing Queen (another classic)

Pharrell William's HAPPY choreography

What do coutries like Spain, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Mongolia, USA, Scotland, North Korea, Austria, the Solomon Islands, Germany, Colombia, Namibia and many other HAVE in COMMON? (It's not Covid-19!!!!) WATCH!

   Medieval Times

The beginnings

The Beginnings (Vikings)

1 Key words (concepts)
2 Key words (concepts)

3 Key words (concepts)

4.- Key words (concepts)

5.- Key words (concepts)

Web Pages about the Middle Ages
1.- Norman Life in England

Norman Life England
2.- Feudal System and More 
3.- Medieval Social Pyramid

 4.- Rural Manor Houses (Possessions)
Manorial Village

5.- Castles

6.- Queens

7.- Time Line 

8.- A Famous Majorcan from the Middle Ages


  Green Booklet Audio

Orange Booklet Audio

Pinkish Booklet Audio

25th November

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls


Y4 The Water Bodies of our Planet


Y4 How Tsunamis Work


Y4 Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes


Y4 Global Warming


Y4 Why is it always COLD in the POLES?


What if all the ice on planet Earth melted?


Y4 The Power of Water

Water can change the landscape around us. 

Y4 students worry about the ozone layer. Here is a video that explains a bit about how it works.


Y4 What if the inside of our planet Earth cooled down?

Y4 Why is Seawater Salty? (Norwegian Story) 

Y4 Why is the Ocean Salty? (Scientist's view)

Y4 Experiments


Y4 What if our planet got sucked by a Black Hole? 

Y4 How are the species affected by climate change?


Sing for the Climate 

School Year 2018·2019



The children in 4th grade are making lots of beautiful art and we need to make 
an art folder to keep all of our work in.
Here are some photos and instructions on how make a recycled art folder.

1-  Get a cardboard box or  some cereal boxes. It needs to be 50/55cm by 33cm.

2-  Tape all the sides using any thick tape like in the photo.

3-  Now tape the two pieces together in the middle, it should now look like the fourth photo.


UNIT 2 Song on CLOTHES: It's a Fashion Show!

Xmas Songs Year 3 Students are learning:



We've started with a little choreography!

Please, click here to find the Practice Video


 Y3 students are learning the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'

and also the song 'We're Going to the Zoo'.

Halloween Video: Which Witch is Which?


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