Yr 4 How to make an art folder

Art folder

The children in 4th grade are making lots of beautiful art and we need to make 
an art folder to keep all of our work in.
Here are some photos and instructions on how make a recycled art folder.

1-  Get a cardboard box or  some cereal boxes. It needs to be 50/55cm by 33cm.

2-  Tape all the sides using any thick tape like in the photo.

3-  Now tape the two pieces together in the middle, it should now look like the fourth photo.

Y3B students go on a special hunt!


Year 3B students go to visit Year 2B students for a special Bear Hunt

Supposedly, there was a bear down at Stage 1's corridor. Y3 students went for a hunt. Here is the result!

Infants at Na Caragol collaborate with BBC Wales!!!