Early Stage (Infantil)

 17th June 2020

This will be our last post! Josie and Sam want to thank you so much for being a part of our blog! Have a super happy summer and we will see you in September! Don't forget to practice English and sing all the songs you know!



 15th June 2020

Good morning! Let's remember one of our favourite stories - PETE THE CAT and his white shoes...

What colour are your shoes?

10 June 2020

Hello girls and boys! Let´s get moving and dance to the "shake your sillies song" - can you join in with me - we need to SHAKE,CLAP, JUMP and YAWN

8th June 2020

Here is a story about some animals who like to 'Splash' .

  3rd June 2020

Do you remember the story about the bears? Daddy bear, Mummy bear and baby bear.

Lets also remember the song that Mummy bear sings to baby bear to help get him to sleep...


Here is another song that we sing about the family, we use our fingers to sing this song.

 1st June 2020

Let's sing this song with Josie and Sam to remember the parts of our body!



27th May

Lets get marching and counting this morning, see how far you can count to.

Let's sing the song about mummy duck and her 5 baby ducks...
Can you sing too? Using your hands and fingers.

  25th May 2020

Let's remember the animals in the story "Walking through the jungle".  Can you draw your favourite jungle animal? I would love to see your drawings - send them to me - jgrant@cpnacaragol.es



20th May 2020

Let's remember the parts of our body with this song...

Gonna build a house
Remember singing this song?

We made a house but I think you can make a better one, try and draw 
a house.



18th May 2020

Josie and Sam have been singing "what colour is the sky".  Can you sing along with us too? If you want to draw a picture of the song please send it to us

Josie- jgrant@cpnacaragol.es

Sam- shall@cpnacaragol.es


Blue sky, yellow sun, green grass, red apple!   

    May 13th 2020

 Hello girls and boys! Here is a game to play - What colour is missing? See if you can guess...

    Colours are happy! Always be happy!

    Let's practise the rainbow song...                    

           Hello! Do you remember the emotions?


    Monday May 11th 2020

Good morning boys and girls!  In the 4 year olds classes we had started to learn about different types of TRANSPORT- here are two songs to help you remember - CAR, BIKE, PLANE, TRAIN, BOAT
    Happy singing and learning!

      Here is a story about colours, see how many colours you know


  Wednesday 6th

Hello everybody today we have more opposites to practice.

A game to play together - What's missing? In this video we will see - a pen, a magic stick, a pencil, some scissors and some glue.  See if you can guess which one is missing!

4th May

Happy Monday everyone 

You are my sunshine 


                         April 29th 2020

Hello boys and girls! I have made a "Window Diary" and it would be great if you could do one too! Here is a video with the instructions for you to follow.  The words of the song are-

"looking through the window, the window, the window
looking through the window, what do I see?
I see a (tree), I see a (tree) I see a (tree) draw it with me" 

                   I hope you enjoy it! Am sending you love!  

Hello everybody, here are the opposites cards that we do in the 5 year old class.

                                April 27, 2020 

Josie and Sam have made a video singing  "if you're happy", sing along with us and then watch the link for more! Be HAPPY everyone! We miss you.


Here is a link to a web page where you can listen to stories, play games and practice 
your english.

                                           22nd April

      Hello - do you remember the colour chant? Here's a video so you can sing along with us ! 


20th April

It's a rainy Monday morning lets get our bodies moving

with some animal yoga 

Lets get counting and marching

Its a rainy Monday morning for us all - look what fun peppa pig has on a rainy day.......It's raining, it's raining - pitter pat, pitter pat............



8th April 2020

Happy Easter

Hop like a rabbit and sing along

Now count the rabbits

Story time

Pete the cat, big Easter adventure.



6th April 2020


An Easter story  

Easter rabbit, Easter rabbit, hop, hop, hop

A recycled easter rabbit headband made from a cereal box and a 

juice or milk carton

Happy Easter from Josie and Sam

Recycled Easter rabbit craft

All you need is a empty toilet roll some paper, pens, glue and

 paint if you have some

Happy Easter from Sam and Josie


Phonics set 1 - 4 yr olds


Hello! Here are the phonic letter sounds we know! Six English letter sounds ! So now you can practice at home.

See if you can think of any other words beginning with each letter sound - a,s,t,i,p,n.


                                       Animal yoga

       Here are some yoga animals, you can be a cat, a dog, a snake and a bee, buzz,buzz,buzz!!
   Happy yoga, Sam and Josie        

Animal yoga

Here are some sea yoga animals for you, go under the sea and be a turtle, a crab, a shark and a starfish.
Happy yoga Sam and Josie


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